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 Providing complete relocation services, estate sales for senior citizens.
Serving Central Ohio

 Moving Ahead With Life

Does the size of your home, the upkeep costs, the stair climbing, the yard work or the distance from your family have you contemplating a move? If so, you're like a lot of other Columbus-area seniors. And while there are lots of reasons to relocate, there are lots of things-- from security to fond memories to all the hassles of moving-- that can make it a difficult decision.

But what if we told you that you could "relax and relocate"?

Senior Transition Services takes the burden of relocating off you and your family by handling all the physical arrangements of your move while providing objective and practical guidance throughout the process.

  I don't think I would have made it without you."           

M.S. Upper Arlington                

Estate Sale Services

Do you have too much stuff?? 

We can help you de-clutter or down-size an entire house full or just part. We provide complete assistance with the task of dealing with all the stuff/treasures. It does not take long to accumulate lots of items in a residence. There are many sentimental items and many that were acquired from relatives and hard to part with. We understand this situation and it is very difficult to deal with the emotional and physical toll this takes on you. STS will help you with this by  holding an Estate Sale. We provide complete set up, organizing, sorting and advertising. This is a great option due to setting the prices were they are at fair market value. STS will empty the house after the sale and clean so that it is ready to be put on the market for resale.

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